QR Codes are popping up everywhere…classroom walls, conference posters, and even T-shirts (http://www.thinkgeek.com/stuff/41/09shirt.html). These “Quick Response” Codes are essentially 2D barcodes that work with your mobile phone’s built-in camera and a reader application ( like “Google Goggles”) to easily point to a web-site or application with one click…rather than typing in a full URL. They also can add a bit of excitement or tech savvy to your promotion materials, such as displays and signs in the library and are very easy to implement.

Recently a group of librarians in my library got together to brainstorm how we can use QR codes in our science library. Here is a list of our ideas, best practices and resources that we uncovered. Special thanks to Charlie Heinz, Megan Kocher, and the STS-listserv for all the help with this topic!