RPP #27 Educause Interview: Apreso CourseCaster and Comcast Connection Blues

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October 2006


Topics covered during this 23 minute podcast:

* Podosphere News

o Professors, Students Want More University Podcasts

o Podcasting at the University of Connecticut: Enhancing the Educational Experience

o Denver Surgeon Podcasts Pediatric Surgery

* Podcasting Tool

o The Levalator - Adjusts audio levels within a podcast for variations from one speaker to the next

* Educause Interview: Geoff Allen, Chairman and Founder of Anystream Inc.

o Classroom capture; use in distance learning

o Apreso Podcast

o Apreso CourseCaster

* Podsafe Music

o Comcast Connection Blues from the Podsafe Music Network

RPP_27_Educause_Interview_Apreso_Comcast_Connection_Blues.mp3 (16585 kB)
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