RPP #15 Podcasting Tech: Podcatching for non-iPods, del.icio.us & Geek Song

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May 2006


Topics covered during this 22 minute podcast: * New! Catch this Podcast using FeedBurner Email (under 'Subscribe') * New! Use Rod's del.icio.us tags (under 'Links') * Syncing podcasts to your non-iPod mp3 player o No iPod Required o Palm Treo as mp3 player o Card Export II o Juice Podcatcher o Windows Media Player * Boag World Web Design Advice Podcast * A Love Song to Boag World, a song for web designers by Andrew Rothman. The original song, "Hands to Heaven" by the band "Breathe", was written by Marcus Lillington of the Boag World podcast.

RPP_15_Podcasting_Tech_Podcatching_for_non-iPods_del_icio_us.mp3 (15210 kB)
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