RPP #10 Electronic Portfolios

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April 2006


Topics covered during this 15 minute podcast:

* Keeping Up with Your Eyes Closed - Health and Science Podcasting by Margy Grasberger, Thomas Jefferson University

* Introducing Electronic Portfolios (e-Portfolios)

* The Electronic Portfolio Boom: What's it All About? (5 page PDF) by Trent Batson, University of Rhode Island

Audio clips from the following podcasts were included with permission:

* New Designs in Learning is a 28 minute interview of Randall Bass of Georgetown University. Dr. Bass is Associate Professor in the Department of English and Executive Director of the Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship

* Digital/E-Portfolios and Learning - This 50 minute recording is from the 2005 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference Session entitled Digital/E-Portfolios and Learning: From Mosaic to Kaleidoscope, From Static to Dynamic by Linda Ehley and L. Kelly Talley of Alverno College

Review of the Blackboard Content System e-Portfolio features:

* Audio clip about e-portfolios from my previous interview of Peter Van Tienen, Director, Solutions Engineering, Blackboard.

* "Screencast" of Blackboard e-Portfolio Demo

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