Thomas Jefferson University Research Magazine



Thomas Jefferson University traces its ancestry, in part, to the 1884 founding of the Philadelphia Textile School, the nation’s first center for textilefocused education. That institution continued to be a pioneer in textile science, technology and innovation for more than 130 years. Today, that legacy is visible in an array of nationally and globally recognized textile-related academic and research programs—notably including research, analysis and development of “functional fabrics” that serve a broadening range of purposes.

Jefferson is one of the few academic institutions possessing the full scope of expertise and technical facilities needed to reduce fundamental ideas to practice. As such, it fosters work ranging from discovery research and technical analysis of new materials, to design, prototype and development of formed products. Leveraging cross-disciplinary collaborations, faculty and students pursue basic science investigations; translate and apply their findings through ideation, prototyping and clinical or industrial testing; and develop production and supply-chain processes and marketing strategies. The resulting concepts, methods and products address the needs of a wide range of audiences, from healthcare providers and patients, industrial manufacturers and consumers, to United States government agencies and world-class athletes.