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Summer 6-1-2012


Jefferson Radiation Oncology has maintained over fifty years of excellence led by only four chairmen. Dr Kramer after receiving his medical training inLondonled the department into the modern megavoltage era while creating the first independent academic radiation oncology department in the country. He was well-respected nationally as a leader and advocate for the specialty and he mastered the execution of progressive ideas that have raised the standard for the profession. The creation of the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (RTOG) was critical in developing trials to expand the management and treatment of malignancy. The Patterns of Care Study (PCS) educated the masses on providing optimal care to patients by comparing strategies for the management and treatment of carcinoma through surveys across theUnited States. Dr Mansfield expanded his mentor’s vision and together they developed the Bodine Centre for Cancer Treatment, a new state-of-the-art building for cancer treatment. He helped to dispel common misconceptions, thus raising the social consciousness for managing and treating the underserved community. Dr Curran grew the RTOG to new levels in trial development, funding, and respect both domestically and internationally. He helped develop new technology in the department and markedly expanded the Jefferson Cancer Network. Finally, Dr Dicker set a new course for the department with biologically-driven radiation therapy keepingJeffersonat the forefront of new technology for the diagnosis and treatment of malignancy.

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Timeline of TJU Department of Radiation Oncology