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86 page Annual Executive Summary Report from Department of Radiology, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Table of Contents:

Department of Radiology

Chairman, Vice Chairmen 1

Divisions and Directors 1

Committees and Chairmen 1

Radiology Department Faculty Rank 2

Faculty with Secondary Appointments 3

Clinical Divisions 4

Radiology Residents and Fellows 5

Department Organizational Chart 6

Department Administration Chart 7

State of the Department 8

Appendix I: Publications Journal Articles 21

Books and Book Chapters 28

Abstracts 30

Appendix II: Formal Scientific Presentations 39

Appendix III: Honors, Editorial Activities, Service to Regional or National Organizations 59

Appendix IV: Active Grants 73

Appendix V: Pending Grants 79

Included in

Radiology Commons