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I am interested in the epidemiology of sleep disorders, particularly sleep disordered breathing. Current projects are the following: Sleep Heart Health Study (Observational cohort study to determine the cardiovascular consequences of sleep-disordered breathing; Role: Steering Committee Chair and PI of the University of Arizona site), Tucson Children’s Assessment of Sleep Apnea (TuCASA, Observational cohort study to determine the impact of sleep disordered breathing in children; Role: PI), and the Applied Positive Pressure Long-term Efficacy Study (APPLES, Randomized clinical trial to determine the neurocognitive consequences of sleep disordered breathing; Role: PI University of Arizona site).



1. To review early evidence linking obstructive sleep apnea to cardiovascular disease;

2. To discuss current evidence implicating obstructive sleep apnea as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease;

3. To present recent data from observational cohorts and randomized clinical trials demonstrating the impact of treatment for obstructive sleep apnea on cardiovascular disease.

Presentation: 55 minutes