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Dr. Summer is a critical initial recruit for the Division and Critical Care Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University to re-establish a robust translational research platform with a goal to develop an overarching Lung Biology Program and the Jefferson Respiratory Institute. The Summer lab will be an important nidus as a model and a mentor for fellows as well as junior faculty. Dr. Summer is focused on translational research in lung biology, immunology, and repair and relationship to obesity and the adipocyte using a variety of marine models. His ongoing investigations involve examining cellular targets of adipokines in the lung with a particular interest in lung injury models. The hypothesis being that adiponectin has immune suppressive actions, with a goal of defining signaling mechanisms and to study these factors in critically ill obese patients in the ICU. His overall focus of lung biology and immunology in the setting of clinical disease (i.e. critical illness, lung injury, obesity) and mouse models will have institutional synergies with other investigators. Recruitment of Dr. Summer will create opportunities for cross fertilization with other disciplines and facilitate recruitment of high caliber fellows and future faculty.



1. Understand why physician work needs to be monitored.

2. Learn the most common method for measuring physician work.

3. Understand the potential unintended consequences that come from measuring physician work in academic medical centers.

Presentation: 34 minutes