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Dr. Fernando Holguin is an Assistant Professor of Medicine, Pediatrics and Environmental/Occupational Health practicing at the University of Pittsburgh. His awards include:

1. Dean's Faculty Teaching Award, Emory University, 2007

2. Fellow's Faculty Teaching Award, Emory University, 2007

3. Award of Excellence for establishing the Asthma Translational, 2007

4. Research Program within the Emory Respiratory Health Center, 2007

Dr. Holguin's research portfolio is characterized by work in the following three areas:

1. Clinical-epidemiologic research: effects of air pollution on cardiovascular disease. Specifically, on finding interventions to minimize the effects associated with air pollution exposure and to apply non-invasive methods to assess the cardiovascular associations with air pollution.

2. Clinical research: Defining the mechanisms by which obesity leads to an increase risk for asthma. Specifically, the role of airways adipokines and airway oxidative stress in the pathophysiology of the asthma-obesity phenotype.

3. Epidemiologic research: Understanding disparities in pulmonary health outcomes at a national level. Secondary data analysis with national-level surveys.


Overall Goals and Objectives:

1. Be able to understand the basic epidemiological aspects of the obesity and asthma association.

2. Understand the clinical implications of obesity and asthma.

3. Understand the concept of the obese asthma phenotype and the potential mechanistic pathways linking both conditions.

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