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Dr. Raymond Penn is a Professor of Medicine and full-time faculty member at the University of Maryland-School of Medicine. Presently, Dr. Penn is a member of the Experimental Therapeutics Program at the Greenebaum Cancer Center and he is the Director, Research Program for Fellows Division of Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine. In 2007, Dr. Penn received the Star Reviewer American Psysiology Society, American Journal of Physiology: Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology. Dr. Penn's research interests include Therapeutic Strategies for Targeting Heterotrimeric G Protein signaling in asthma and "Proton-sensing GPCRs in Airway Smooth Muscle."

This lecture was delivered as part of the Jefferson-Myrna Brind Center of Integrative Medicine's Grand Rounds series on October 12, 2008. Copyright 2011 by Raymond B. Penn, MD.

The streaming video presentation lasts approximately 61 minutes.


Overall Goals and Objectives:

1. The participants will be able to identify the 3 most common therapies for treating asthma, their mechanisms of action, and their limitations.

2. The participants will be able to draw a diagram that depicts how pro-contractile G protein-coupled receptors signal to cause bronchoconstriction, and how pro-relaxant G protein-coupled receptors signal to cause bronchorelaxation.

3. The participants will be able to identify 2 novel therapeutic approaches that target G protein-coupled receptors in the treatment of asthma.