Population Health (PopH) is an academic and professional field that draws upon diverse disciplines to create a new paradigm for health improvement that engages all key stakeholders that impact the delivery of health services. Health systems in the U.S. and around the world are shifting from volume to value.

The Master of Science (MS) degree builds upon the foundational concepts presented in the Graduate Certificate and focuses on the advanced applications of population health science and management. This option contains 10 online courses and a capstone project, which is specifically designed to enhance the student’s career trajectory. This option can be completed in two years.

The three track options allow students to focus their studies on the science of population health improvement or the population health management strategies used in healthcare. All tracks teach skills to lead value-based population health-focused enterprise-level change across a variety of healthcare organizations and systems.

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Submissions from 2022

A Multifaceted Health System Initiative For Screening And Intervention For Substance Use Disorders, Kara S. Aplin, MD, FACP

A Rapid Review of Multiple Disparities in Multiple Myeloma, Lori Hopkins, PharmD

Submissions from 2021

Health System Investment in Population Health Capabilities: Implementing an Evaluative Framework, Julia Centafont, CHFP

The Role of Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) in Pre-Operative Patient Assessment - A Framework for Comprehensive Patient Optimization, Kirsten Edmiston, MD, FACS

Are Digiceuticals The Missing Link To Value-Based Orthopaedics?, Michael Esch

Improving Access to Primary Care for Adults Who Identify as a Sexual or Gender Minority, Emily Shadle, RN, BSN

Using Commercial Retail Pharmacy Data To Develop a Teaching Strategy for Population Health Pharmacy, Joseph R. Stavish, PharmD

Impact of Social Determinants in the Effectiveness of the Diabetes Prevention Program Under COVID-19 Pandemic, Nwando Tony-Onugu

Driving Efficiency and Quality in Anesthesia Practice: A Strategic Shift Towards Value- Based Payment Models, Samuel J. Velez, MD

Submissions from 2020

Right-Sizing Primary Care Panels: A Workload Adjustment Approach, Bracken Babula, MD and M. Kaminski, MD, MBA

Telehealth-Barriers to Overcome Before Going Live: How a Pandemic May Help., Colleen I. Baum, MD, MMM, FAAPL and Mitchell Kaminski, MD, MBA

Combat Escalating Medical Costs in a Rural Multi-Hospital Healthcare System through an Employee Weight Loss Program: a Multidisciplinary Team Design, Megan Bussard, PharmD

The Impact Of An Addiction Medicine Consult Service On “Against Medical Advice” Discharges, Krisanna Deppen and Mitch Kaminski, MD, MBA

Virtual Healthcare; Its Potential and its Challenges for Population Health Management. A Systematic Search and Narrative Summary, I. N. Hamilton, Jr and M. Kobernick

Improving Care for the Population with Heart Failure: A Study of a Patient Education Quality Improvement, and Proposal for Next Steps in Program Development, S. Hartman, S. W. Keith, and M. Kaminski

Embedded vs Remove Care Management Delivery Models and Their Impact on Achieving the Quadruple Aim, Debra McGill, BS-RN and Mitch Kaminski, MD, MBA

Creating Community Gadflies in Population Health Promotion: Illuminating the Value of Learning About the Medical Services Payment System, Sharon Moon, JD and Mitch Kaminski, MD, MBA

Implementation of an Acute, Unscheduled Care Network for an Integrated Payer & Provider System in Chile: Alternative Sites for Increased Access and Cost Control, R. Quezada and M. Kaminski

Exploring the Social Determinants of Health and Hypertension Control in Three Diverse Montana Practices., Laura Shelton, MD, CPE and Mitch Kaminski, MD, MBA

The Role of Specialists in Value-Based Care, J. R. Steinmetz and M. Kaminski

Behavioral Health Integration in Primary Care Pediatrics: A Pilot Utilizing a Collaborative Care Model, Lynette M. Wachholz, MN, ARNP, CPHQ and Mitch Kaminski, MD, MBA

Utilization of a Mobile Integrated Healthcare Program in Richland County, South Carolina to Provide Access to Care, Lower Costs, and Improve Health Outcomes, D. Wenning and M. Kaminski

The Light at the End of the Tunnel was an Oncoming Train: A Community Hospital's Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic, S. Williams and M. Kaminski

Disparities in Breast Cancer Screening, Treatment, and Outcomes: A Crisis in Need of Action, A. Willis and M. Kaminski

Identifying and Equipping Change Agents to Power a Quality Improvement Flywheel in a Clinically Integrated Network Model, M. Yoder

Submissions from 2019

The Real World Realities of the EMR and Social Determinants of Health, Adam S. Mariano, Esq. and Mitchell Kaminski, MD, MBA

Digital Clinical Trials: A Multi-Stakeholder Analysis of the Challenges and Opportunities, Janice Nissen and Mitchell Kaminski, MD, MBA

Submissions from 2016

The Population Health Template: A Roadmap for Successful Health Improvement Initiatives, Michael Kobernick, MD, MS-HSA