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Kaposi’s sarcoma (KS): a vascular tumor associated with HHV8 and HIV infection

KS burden at Maputo Central Hospital (MCH):

•Referral center for all of southern Mozambique, 1500 beds, >65% HIV+ patients on medical services

•Dermatology ward: 50 beds, >30% of admitted patients suffer from Kaposi’s sarcoma and its complications

•10-15 cases/month admitted with advanced KS; additional 15-20 cases/month treated outpatient

•KS is the most common form of malignancy seen at MCH among men, second most frequent among women

Current KS standard of care:

•First line treatment: chemo- and concomitant antiretroviral-therapy

•Pre-treatment photographs rarely taken to establish a baseline for therapeutic monitoring

•Post-therapy improvement is based on gross examination and clinical judgment

•Tracking correlation between therapy dosing and shrinkage of lesion size is difficult due to variation and number of lesions

Aim of the study: determine the utility of adapted digital light field photography in a resource-limited setting and establish best clinical practice for future KS monitoring via photography

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