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Clinical History: A 19-week male fetus of a 36-year old G7P4 mother was found by ultrasound to have intrabdominal "cysts" and oligo-anhydramnios. At 15 weeks of pregnancy, by ultrasound examination, two intraabdominal cysts measuring 1.1x0.7x0.4 cm and 1.4x1.0x1.0 cm were noted. At 19 week gestation, the ultrasound was performed again showing anhydromaio, ascites, a normal appearing bladder, and multiple cystic structures in the abdomen most likely consistent with dilation of bowel (Figure 1A, B). The mother was consulted and opted to proceed with KCL injection and induction of labor. The nonviable fetus was delivered at 19 5/7 week gestation. Rhogam was administrated since the mother is Rh negative.

Presented at CAP 2012 (College of American Pathologists) conference