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Glucose <54 mg/dL was recently defined as Clinically Significant Hypoglycemia (CSH, American Diabetes Association, Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes, 2017). In January 2018, our hospitals instituted a callback policy for inpatient CSH from the central laboratory, and instituted a new nursing procedure for response to CSH. We examined whether the new policies had affected the incidence rate of low glucose critical values (CRITICAL, <40 mg/dL) among POCT glucose measurements. This was investigated for two hospitals within our system: A, a 950-bed academic medical center hospital, and B, a 200-bed community hospital.

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point of care, glucose, CSH, POCT, clinically significant, hypoglycemia


Medicine and Health Sciences | Pathology


Presented at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry Annual Meeting

Incidence rates of critical low glucoses (<40 mg>/dL) by POCT before and after new policies for treatment of clinically significant hypoglycemia (<54 mg>/dL): A comparison between two hospitals

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