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Presented at College of American Pathologists in Chicago Illinois.


Pancreatic NETs are rare tumors with multiple classification systems. Previous classification systems included tumor size, histologic grade, mitoses, Ki67, and metastases. The current WHO 2010 system utilizes mitotic rate and Ki67% to assign a grade. We compared the WHO 2004 and 2010 classification systems in predicting mortality and metastasis.

Pathologic parameters were used to classify 50 cases of Pancreatic NET according to the WHO 2004 and WHO 2010 systems. The relationship between the WHO 2004 and WHO 2010 grading was investigated using an exact Chi squared test. WHO grade categorization was next explored by vital status, by the exact method, in order to determine if there was a difference in survivorship and metastasis by grading system. Associations between death and categorical variables were tested using exact methods and between death and continuous variables by the Wilcoxon test. Survival was explored using Cox Proportional Hazards regression (Cox).

The WHO grades were significantly associated with one another (p