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Presented at the 2019 American Occupational Therapy Association Annual Conference


Student Hotspotting teams work together to identify and engage super-utilizing individuals to establish healing relationships and identify barriers to their care. With support from faculty and clinician advisors, students guide these individuals through achieving personalized health goals, navigating the complex healthcare system and connect them to community resources.

In addition to hands-on work, students are guided through this program with a supplemental online curriculum consisting of webinars and monthly case conferences with professionals in the field.

  • Core Principles: Harm reduction, motivational interviewing, trauma informed care and accompaniment
  • Webinars cover topics such as client recruitment and enrollment, the power of empathy, facilitation of successful home and clinic visits, coaching and leadership skills, and preparation for discharge/graduation.
  • Case Conferences require students to present their case(s) to other student teams and practicing health professionals to determine how best to address barriers faced