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Primary Care in Geriatrics: Context, Opportunities, and Resources for Occupational Therapy, Department of Occupational Therapy, Thomas Jefferson University, AOTA Specialty conference: Improving Health and Participation of Older Adults


Learning Objectives:

1. Discuss health care delivery trends and system changes that offer opportunities for occupational therapy in primary care for older adults in the community.

2. Describe the contributions of occupational therapy on the interprofessional primary care team.

3. Utilize current resources and evidence that support the role of occupational therapy in geriatric primary care.


1. Overview of primary care.

2. Health trends and reform initiatives that open doors for occupational therapy.

3. Opportunities (and barriers) for occupational therapy in primary care

4. Current NIH funded study testing a primary care occupational therapy intervention.

5. Resources and Discussion.

The context of health care delivery in primary care is changing and opens exciting opportunities for occupational therapy. Important health care trends and health system changes that are influencing geriatric primary care delivery were presented as a foundation to examining the opportunities that are emerging for occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants in this evolving practice area. Current research and case examples were shared. Participants were provided with conceptual and practical resources that can expand their professional tool kit.

33 PowerPoint slides