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Cochlear implant (CI) recipients often have difficulty conversing on the telephone, particularly in noise. Successful use of landline and cellular telephones also can be limited because of less-than-optimal phone placement with respect to the sound processor microphone. One solution for recipients of Advanced Bionics cochlear implants may be the use of new streaming technologies from Phonak to improve the ability to talk on the phone. In addition to reducing interference caused by noise, use of these technologies is not strictly placement-dependent and also allows bilateral/bimodal recipients to take advantage of hearing with two ears.

The primary objective of this study was to assess the telephone communication benefits of Phonak’s telephone technologies that stream full bandwidth audio signals from ear to ear wirelessly. In addition, a questionnaire for the CI recipient and also their communication partner (when appropriate) evaluated sound quality, ease of use, and perceived benefit for each accessory/technology.

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Benefits of Wireless Telephone Technologies for Bilaterally Implanted Adults, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, poster




Poster presented at: 14th International Conference on Cochlear Implants in Toronto, Canada.

Benefits of Wireless Telephone Technologies for Bilaterally Implanted Adults