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Project was completed in partial fulfillment of the doctoral degree in occupational therapy at Thomas Jefferson University

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The intent of this electronic manual is to provide a client-centered and evidence-based resource to inform students, clinicians, and educators of occupational therapy’s unique role in working with adults with serious mental illness (SMI) and those experiencing psychosis. This manual, while not exhaustive, is designed to serve as a user-friendly resource for providing valid, equitable care to those with serious mental illness.


  1. Provide an electronic resource that outlines the occupational therapy process when working with individuals with serious mental illness and supports inclusion and reimbursement for occupational therapy practitioners in this setting.
  2. Define the multiple roles occupational therapy practitioners can fulfill in this setting and the varied diagnoses/populations involved.
  3. Present appropriate screening, assessment, outcome measure and intervention tools that are relevant when working with individuals with serious mental illness.
  4. Offer information and resources on critical elements of care related to mental health care including but not limited to intersectionality, language, reimbursement, suicide prevention, social determinants of health and provider burnout.
  5. Provide valuable information and materials regarding the “lived experience” of adults living with a mental illness in order to inform and understand the needs of those who experience a SMI.

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