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Vera Paoletti became interested in nursing as a teenager after watching a close family member succumb to leukemia. This experience led her to work as a candy striper at Jefferson Hospital through her high school years and then enroll in the Jefferson Hospital School of Nursing in 1966. Once she graduated in 1969 Ms. Paoletti began her career as a nurse at Jefferson, first in surgery on Ninth Pavilion and then in oncology on Eleventh Pavilion before becoming head nurse first of a nineteen-bed unit reserved for VIPs and then two years later of Sixth Main. In 1975 she left Jefferson to pursue public health nursing in South Philadelphia, during which time she also worked as a nurse for the Air National Guard in Pomona, New Jersey. Ms. Paoletti then spent a handful of years in Anchorage, Alaska working as a hospital nurse before returning to the Philadelphia area. At this point she began working in endoscopy, which eventually led her to start a clinical research site in gastroenterology at Graduate Hospital before moving into the pharmaceutical field.

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Oral history was edited by Kelsey Duinkerken, March 2016


Interview was conducted by Kelsey Duinkerken with Vera Paoletti on February 11, 2016

Vera Paoletti