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November 2004


This is the authors' final version prior to publication as a Brief Communication in Headache 44(10):1010-1012, November 2004. The definitive version is available at ( Copyright (c) by Blackwell Publishing, Inc.


Cutaneous allodynia is the perception of pain when a non-noxious stimulus is applied to normal skin. It has been described in patients with migraine. Cutaneous allodynia is caused by sensitization of central nervous system neurons that receive convergent sensory input from both skin and intracranial structures. This phenomenon has not been previously described in patients with cluster headache. Although migraine and cluster headache (CH) may share some clinical features, the pathogenesis of these two primary headaches is different. The aim of this study was to examine the occurrence of dynamic mechanical (brush) allodynia (BA) in patients with CH.

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