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Advisors: Desimone JA, Pizzi LT. Jefferson School of Pharmacy


The purpose of this pilot study was to determine the potential impact of a standardized HIV education program delivered during a provider visit on patient self-management of HIV as measured by adherence to care. Following a baseline assessment of HIV knowledge and adherence using validated tools, eligible patients were randomized to receive the standard of care normally provided in clinic, or the standard of care and a10-minute scripted educational presentation delivered during the clinic visit. Following the presentation, patients in the intervention group received the same knowledge assessment tool they received at baseline to identify knowledge changes. Patient adherence to care was then measured for both the intervention and control groups at the next scheduled visit 2-4 months later. Forty-five subjects were enrolled; 24 received the educational intervention and 21 were randomized to the control group. Baseline characteristics were similar between groups and included low rates of perfect adherence (medication, appointment and laboratory) and HIV knowledge. More specifically, only 29% and 33% had perfect adherence to care at baseline in the intervention and control groups, respectively (p = 0.763) and more than half in each group had imperfect HIV knowledge. Those with imperfect versus perfect HIV knowledge (23 versus 8) were more likely to be non-adherent to care at baseline (p = 0.042). Following the educational presentation, the number of subjects with perfect HIV knowledge improved in the intervention group (5/24 versus 16/24, p = 0.002). Additionally, at study visit two, subjects in the intervention group were more likely to have perfect adherence as compared to control patients (17/24 versus 5/21, p = 0.002). These findings while limited by a small number of patients and short duration of follow-up indicate a potentially positive impact of the educational intervention on both patient knowledge and overall adherence to care.

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