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Background: Rising trends in Electronic Vaping (EVP) usage and mental health diagnoses are observed among Asian American Pacific Islanders (AAPI). There are twenty-one ethnicities that make up the AAPI demographic. Health outcomes are masked when reporting AAPI health data. The primary aim of this study was to examine if EVP usage and mental health behaviors are experienced differently amongst a sample of AAPI adolescents.

Methods: Secondary analysis of the 2019 Youth Behavioral Risk Surveillance Study (YRBSS) was conducted on a sample of Asian and Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander students (N=1,468).

Results: There is evidence that EVP usage, suicide planning, and suicide planning are experienced differently by Asian high schoolers versus Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander high schoolers.

Discussion: There were findings of unique health outcomes and health inequities found when comparing these adolescent groups.

Limitations: Due to a small sample size, certain variables were not included in the sample. Additionally, variables related to general wellness, social, and income status were not included. These were variables potentially having an impact on our results.

Conclusion: Improved AAPI health data collection and reporting, mental health services, and EVP policies built on cultural sensitivity that targets AAPI adolescents are recommended.