Using the Kids Database Survey to Evaluate the Experiences of Vaccination Providers with an Immunization Information System within the Philadelphia Area

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Advisors: C Newbern, Philadelphia Department of Public Health, Immunization Program, Philadelphia, PA J Plumb, MD- Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia, PA


The KIDS Registry is an immunization database/tracking system available to practices providing vaccinations to children aged 0-18 within Philadelphia. In 2008, the KIDS Survey was used to evaluate for the first time how providers utilize KIDS and information regarding patient populations. Survey goals included determining extent of KIDS usage and electronic reporting, and comparing providers primarily serving adolescent populations (ages 7-18) versus those primarily serving pediatric populations (ages 0-6). The survey was distributed to 323 immunization providers in the city via email, fax, and mail. Of the 152 responding sites, 79% reported currently using KIDS. The most common uses were for printing immunization records for practice use (68%) and to check immunization histories for new patients (67%). Users overall satisfaction with KIDS was high (82%). Of the 141 sites that provided reporting information, 35% indicated that they report vaccinations electronically. Providers perceived that electronic reporting makes data more accurate and complete (62%), saves staff time (57%), and improves vaccination rates (26%). Of 137 sites that reported patient population data, 32 sites (23%) were adolescent sites and 105 (77%) were non-adolescent sites. Adolescent sites typically administered fewer doses of vaccine (median 123 doses/year) than non-adolescent sites (median 1,700 doses/year). KIDS usage was higher in non-adolescent sites with 86 (82%) versus 21 (66%) adolescent sites. The majority of users are satisfied with KIDS, report vaccinations manually, and serve pediatric populations. Survey results are important for enhancing the current system, improving training methods, and in broadening immunization information system use among vaccination providers.