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Advisor: Mona Sarfaty, MD, FAAFP, CPH,
Department of Family and Community Medicine, Thomas Jefferson University.


Diabetes is a serious public health problem in the United States and in Philadelphia. A 2007 CDC report stated that 7.8% in the US and 10.4% in Philadelphia had diabetes. While the key to managing one’s diabetes and lowering the risk of its adverse health outcomes is adherence to diabetes management guidelines, the prevalence of these behaviors among adult diabetics in the US remained relatively low. Attendance at a diabetes self-management class was particularly low (55.4%), which is of concern because of the importance of education in a patient’s adherence to diabetes-maintenance behaviors. Emmi Solutions recently developed three Internet-based diabetes self-management modules, available to patients on the Internet; a pilot test was conducted at the Jefferson Family Medicine Associates to test for the program’s effectiveness and feasibility. Twenty-five participants watched a module of their choice, and were pre- and post-tested to evaluate their change in self-efficacy and intent to perform management behaviors, and self-rated satisfaction. This assessment revealed favorable responses to the Emmi diabetes computer videos, with an overall increased self-efficacy and a high intent to change. The low literacy level and ease of use of these programs also resulted in positive feedback from both the computer literate and illiterate, and those with varying levels of diabetes education.

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