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Body dissatisfaction and dietary restraint have been demonstrated in children as young as five years old. Internalization of the thin-ideal is theorized to occur before body dissatisfaction, and evidence suggests it influences global self-worth and multiple aspects of life. Furthermore, body dissatisfaction increases across childhood, with social comparisons becoming more evaluative after the age of seven. There is also a parallel decline in positive self-concepts. Research suggests that early childhood (3 to 8 years old) may be an optimum age for interventional projects that counter unhealthy, unrealistic media ideals about body shape and size. The aim of the current project was to create an evidence-based online storybook, Tiny or Tall, Mighty or Small - Music for All! to promote healthy body image in children. Unique to this storybook is its integration of sound clips for each instrument to more fully engage readers. It is also available for free, in PDF format online, making it accessible to anyone with internet connectivity. This electronic platform overcomes potential physical and financial barriers of accessing a print copy and may, consequently, allow the message of body positivity to reach a wider audience.