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Human trafficking is a global issue spanning the entire world through the transportation and purchase of men, women and children for exploitation. Due to overwhelming statistics that victims of trafficking are seen by a healthcare professional; it is important to implement courses into public health curriculum with the hope that the knowledge and attitude changes will create better informed healthcare professionals, with the ability to identify and intervene in clinical settings. This capstone reviews the public health implications of this phenomenon and demonstrates the importance of educating public health students on human trafficking risk factors, identification in medical settings and intervention and prevention strategies. It also develops and provides an educational module for the MPH curriculum to educate Thomas Jefferson students on this fast-growing public health crisis, through a thirty-minute voiceover PowerPoint educational module. In addition, a fact sheet and resource guide is added to the paper so that students in the greater Philadelphia area are aware of the risk factors and who to contact if they do suspect a patient as a victim of human trafficking.