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When people in the United States are released from incarceration, they are faced with a challenging environment. Upon reentering society, ex-offenders are likely to struggle with substance abuse, lack of adequate education and job skills, limited housing options, and mental health issues. Studies show that 2/3 of people released from incarceration will likely be rearrested within 3 years. Information on housing, employment, healthcare, support, etc. is not readily available. There are many organizations that attempt to create a smoother shift from prison to society. However, while discharge protocols and reentry programs exist, evidence shows that they are not uniformly provided or developed effectively. The Philadelphia Department of Prisons provides a discharge information packet to ex-offenders. However, they have a need for better-organized, more accessible, and regularly updated information. This capstone will assess and improve the way Philadelphia ex-offenders, social workers, case managers, and support systems can access reentry resources by converting the Philadelphia Department of Prisons Discharge Packet into an accessible and navigable website. The website developed for this capstone will provide all of these stakeholders with direct linkage to all reentry services offered in Philadelphia to assist in their transition from incarceration to society.