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Depression is prevalent among young adolescents and has a significant impact on their wellbeing and quality of life if not properly diagnosed and treated. Pediatricians in the primary care setting have an essential role in addressing such patients, as access to mental health specialists within this setting is limited. The objective of this review is to assess adolescent depression treatment in pediatric primary care in order to provide a better understanding of how behavioral health integration in this setting promotes effective treatment for adolescent depression. A rapid systematic review was conducted. A total of 437 titles publish in English in the last 10 years were identified via PubMed and screened based on inclusion criteria. The final sample included five peer reviewed research studies, each demonstrating the efficacy of implementing collaborative care programs into the pediatric primary care setting. Further research is needed to determine the feasibility of providing pediatricians with the necessary training and resources to serve this role, as access to specialists (psychiatrists, psychologists and clinical social workers) is limited.