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The Siraba School Village (SSV), a non-profit organization, works to support the educational efforts at Siraba School in Mali, Africa. Siraba School is located in an under-resourced community and supports students in 1st to 6th grades and is connected to a local middle school with students in 7th to 9th grades. SSV runs the Health and Healthy Behaviors Program (HHB) at Siraba School and the middle school to address the knowledge gap around puberty, nutrition, and hygiene. This educational initiative provides monthly health classes to students to address the lack of health education. The program had not been evaluated and students in this setting were not accustomed to pencil and paper (P&P) tests. SSV designed P&P baseline and follow-up quizzes for 4th through 9th grades to assess effectiveness of the curriculum. The lessons focus on 1) women’s reproductive health and puberty; and 2) water and hygiene. Test data was collected and entered in Qualtrics. While the focus of the study was to assess the feasibility of conducting future evaluations using P&P, analysis of pilot baseline and follow-up test scores demonstrated that students had some subject knowledge before each lesson, but were unable to answer short answer questions. Following lessons, students were able to answer short answer questions. P&P tests were well received in this setting and will likely be a useful tool for future HHB evaluations. A report from the pilot assessment was generated for the SSV team and recommendations were provided for the HHB curriculum and future assessments.