The Association Between Tobacco Retailers’ Proximity and Park Patrons’ Smoking Behavior in Three Philadelphia Parks

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This capstone assessed the relationship between the smoking behavior of adults who entered three specific parks in Center City Philadelphia in 2016 and the tobacco retailer environment around each park. The study assessed the association between the proximity of tobacco retailers and adult “park-patrons’” smoking behavior at the entrances of three Philadelphia parks in May and June, 2016. This observational study included Washing Square Park, Independence Square Park, and Louis Khan Park. Observations were recorded using the ObserveSmoking smartphone application. Each observer assigned to one of the entrances of the three parks was responsible recording gender, age, smoking status, and, for smokers, the tobacco product. The key finding was that there was an inverse relationship between tobacco retail density and odds of smoking. The results from this study can be used by the Philadelphia Department of Public Health to learn more about the tobacco environment that might affect smoking in parks.