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Sexually transmitted infection (STI) transmission rates are on the rise for Americans aged 50 and older as they continue to be sexually active later in life. However, many health care providers (HCPs) do not speak to their older patients about STI prevention or sexual health topics. There are few existing programs targeting this age category for STI prevention. Additionally, Americans over the age of 50 experience many risk factors unique to them, and, therefore, need programming targeted specifically to their age group as programs for young adults are not inclusive. The purpose of this project is to train HCPs on the importance and timeliness of these topics and provide strategies to best speak to their patients in this age group. Insight on current practices and best methods were received from a survey sent to HCPs. Their feedback, along with literature research, provided the basis for a new training for HCPs on how to speak to their older patients about STI prevention and sexual health. The survey concluded that direct communication is the preferred method HCPs like to use to relay information to their older adult patients about sexual health and STI prevention. This training serves as a reference for HCPs to more effectively speak their older adult patients about these topics. The training includes a 90 minute training consisting of a PowerPoint presentation, demonstration and activity, provider self-assessment tool, strategies for opening the conversation and survey intake questions and a patient questionnaire. The training will be piloted and evaluated at the Public Health Management Corporation with their health care team and then evaluated and updated before being presented to providers of other institutions.