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This study was conducted with the intention of developing a comprehensive set of global health domains and competencies to be presented to Jefferson University’s Global Health Initiative Committee (GHIC). This research was completed at the request of GHIC. Since its inception, GHIC has been functioning as the “premier point of engagement” for students and faculty interested in global health (Global Health Initiative Committee, 2017). The global health field is comprised of an inter-professional workforce (Zodpey, Evashiwick, Grivna, Harrison & Finnegan, 2017) who continually collaborate to ensure that fair and equitable services are provided to all regions (Jogerst et al., 2015). Since the global health field consists of an inter-professional workforce, it is essential to have a shared set of domains and competencies to guide the global health workforce This study was facilitated through the development of two crosswalk comparisons. A crosswalk study is a comparison of similar fields of data from multiple sources (Sapon-White, 2013). The first crosswalk comparison compared domains of three global health organizations. The second crosswalk comparison evaluated the competencies of the preceding three organizations along with a fourth global health organization. Overlapping and partially shared domains and competencies were analyzed and discussed. This enabled the development of a comprehensive set of global health domains and competencies to be idnetified. The finalized comprehensive set of global health domains and competencies included seven domains and sixteen competencies. The finalized set of comprehensive global health domains and competencies will be presented to GHIC.