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R Pepino, Jefferson College of Population Health, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia.


“Buzzards Point” is a peninsula in the south-western quadrant of the District of Columbia where local public concern has arisen about the health and safety of several demolition/construction projects being undertaken. The primary project being the construction of a new Major League Soccer (MLS) stadium for the D.C. United team which is projected to be able to house 19,000 spectators. In order for this to come to fruition, a metal salvage dump will be moved, a PEPCO power plant will be relocating closer to residents who live in the area, a local bridge will be rebuilt, and a cement plant will be removed. All of these projects have the potential to introduce hazardous substances into the soil, groundwater and air which could be carcinogenic in nature or cause certain chronic health conditions. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) screened Buzzards Point to see if there was a case for environmental justice and out of the 12 indexes used, Buzzards Point scored in the 95th percentile as compared to EPA Region 3 as a whole. This proved the need for additional health analysis due to the already compromised health status of the population.

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