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J Plumb Jefferson School of Population Health, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA.


The aim of this research project was to assess the progress of and make recommendations for the ongoing pig breeding and savings program in Muyogoro, Rwanda, a collaborative effort between JeffHEALTH and the RVCP. Based on the small sample size, the focus is summary statistics of the 2013 survey, completed by BVDA, in comparison to the current questionnaire results with discussion of program impact. The questionnaire was administered, with the aid of a translator, to thirty non-randomly selected families in two thirty-member breeding programs. Ownership of goods, health insurance coverage, reported hunger, personal illness, purchased tap water and electricity all saw marked improvements since the baseline survey. There was also an increase in additional revenue sources which can be attributed to more agriculture and farming pursuits. There was a decrease in the ability to pay for school equipment, to repay borrowed funds, and the number of days a week with two meals a day. Of the two groups, group two showed greater improvements than group one.

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