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J McAna, Jefferson College of Population Health, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA.


This cross-sectional study assessed the influence of health literacy and diabetes knowledge on the Hajj pilgrims’ diabetic health outcomes. One hundred and three diabetic pilgrims were recruited from the general internal medicine and surgical departments at Alnoor Specialists Hospital and the general internal medicine department at King Abdullah Medical City in Mecca. Participants were identified from the hospitals’ medical records databases. We assessed Patients' health literacy and diabetes knowledge by using the validated assessment tools REALM-SF and DKT. HbA1c values and other diabetic outcomes were extracted from the medical record. Spearman’s correlation, multiple linear and multivariable logistic regression were used to assess the relationship between health literacy, diabetes knowledge, and glycemic control. The majority of the sample were aged between 55 and 64 years (46.6%), male (57.3%), had diabetes for ≥ 20 years (52.4 %) and were illiterate (28.2 %). Spearman’s correlation showed a non-significant negative correlation between the participants’ HbA1c and the health literacy scores, but showed a significantly negative correlation between HbA1c results and the diabetes knowledge scores. In adjusted models that examined the associations between health literacy, diabetes knowledge, and HbA1c recent results, the regression results indicate that diabetes knowledge can be used as a predictor of glycemic control (β=-2.537, P= .000; 95% CI -3.282, -1.792). Whereas the coefficient for health literacy level was not significantly associated with HbA1c level (β=-.446, P= .296> 0.05; 95% CI -1.288, .397). Diabetes knowledge is the most significant predictor associated with blood glucose control in admitted diabetic pilgrims. Health literacy appears to exert its impact through diabetes knowledge and is not directly correlated with glycemic control.

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