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  • Follicular bronchiolitis (FB) in patients with common variable immune deficiency (CVID) is rarely described and knowledge is based on case reports, case series, and studies on the individual disease entities.1-5
  • FB is a granulomatous-lymphocytic interstitial lung disease (GLILD). GLILD is a group of non-infectious lung diseases which also includes lymphocytic interstitial pneumonia, granulomatous disease, and lymphoid hyperplasia.6,7
  • FB is caused by an external stimulus or abnormal immune response that incites lymphoid hyperplasia.8
  • The etiology of FB is idiopathic or associated with collagen vascular disorders (e.g., Sjogrens, rheumatoid arthritis), hypersensitivity reactions, acquired immunodeficiencies (typically HIV), and less commonly, primary immunodeficiencies.9,10 In case reports, FB has also been linked to primary ciliary dyskinesia, multicentric Castleman’s disease, primary tuberculosis, and eosinophilia with elevated IgE.11-14
  • The differential diagnosis of FB includes other types of GLILD, low grade bronchus associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma, and sarcoidosis.1

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Follicular Bronchiolitis in an Adult Male with Common Variable Immune Deficiency, poster, Thomas Jefferson University


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Poster presented at American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI) in San Antonio TX.

Follicular Bronchiolitis in an Adult Male with Common Variable Immune Deficiency