Jefferson Surgical Solutions


Adam Olszewski, MD, Geoffrey Kozak, MD, Stephen Gadomski, MD, Mohammad Khoshevisan, MD, Zachary Callahan, MD, Richard Zheng, MD, Courtney Devin, MD, Ellen Caparosa, MD, May Jean Counsilman, MD (not pictured)

The Department has welcomed an impressive new group of categorical interns including one graduate of Sidney Kimmel Medical College. The interns were selected from over one thousand applicants to our program. These doctors, who recently matched with Jefferson, started on June 20, 2015. Please welcome:

Zachary Callahan, MD University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

Ellen Caparosa, MD University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Courtney Devin, MD Tulane University School of Medicine

Stephen Gadomski, MD Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

Geoffrey Kozak, MD Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University

Richard Zheng, MD Stony Brook University School of Medicine

We are also pleased to welcome back the following Sidney Kimmel Medical College 2015 graduates as preliminary interns in general surgery: May Jean (MJ) Counsilman, MD, Mohammad (Mo) Khoshevisan, MD, and Adam Olszewski, MD.