Jefferson Surgical Solutions


The Halsted Society in Lubert Plaza at Jefferson

On October 1, 2015, I celebrated a decade as the Gross Professor of Surgery at Jefferson. I am enormously proud of the accomplishments of our Department. The faculty has doubled in size, our clinical and operative volumes have risen, our complex case numbers have nearly tripled, philanthropy is up twenty-fold, we provide surgical services on a contractual basis at three new hospitals and our residents are outstanding. Our five vice chairs excel in their domains: clinical affairs, research, quality, education and Methodist Hospital. Jefferson is well represented on the national stage, at meetings, in journals, with NIH funding and with authorship of texts and monographs. Just last month, Jefferson and Philadelphia had a real chance to shine – first we hosted the Halsted Society and one week later, Pope Francis!

After five years of planning, the 89th Annual Meeting of the Halsted Society was hosted on campus on September 17th. The weather was perfect and our faculty shone brightly with an enormously successful local program in the Hamilton Building. Drs. Beekley, Tichansky, Chojnacki, Brody, Isenberg, Lavu, Doria, Tsangaris, Winter, DiMuzio, Frank, Greaney, Merli and Rosato all were superb in their topics, and delivered poised presentations. The attendees were treated to a visit to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to view the Eakins’ works – “The Gross Clinic” and “The Agnew Clinic”, as well as an evening at the Mütter Museum with guest speaker and Mütter biographer, Ms. Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz. We received dozens of most favorable comments.

Charles J. Yeo, MD, FACS

Samuel D. Gross Professor and Chair

Department of Surgery