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Research proposal submitted to the Arts + Business Council of Greater Philadelphia


Board performance is widely recognized as a critical ingredient in a non-profit organization’s ability to achieve impact and to meet its mission and goals. The problem for many organizations, particularly those operating in the arts and culture environment, is that it can take new board members several months and often longer before they begin to function effectively in their governance role. To speed up the learning curve, BOB provides advance training to prepare new board members to hit the ground running so that they will be able to participate in their initial meetings with confidence. BOB also provides training for current board members seeking to improve their governance and leadership competencies.

As there is no "one best way" for any organization to operate, each board and its members must consider and develop approaches and practices that recognize the unique requirements of its environmental context, services, and their leadership/management.

Assessing the overall effectiveness of the BOB program becomes important for the Arts + Business Council of Greater Philadelphia and for the Boards on which their BOB graduates serve. The proposed project, therefore, is designed to measure the effectiveness of participating in the BOB program on non-profit board behaviors and the effect of participation in the BOB program on leadership of the organization for which board members provide guidance as well as the companies for whom these individuals work.



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