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  • OTPs can help individuals with Down Syndrome complete their activities of daily living so they can be independent and start a family
  • Sex education is an very important area for OTPs to work on with individuals who have Down Syndrome or other intellectual disabilities
  • OTPs play a huge role in helping people with Down Syndrome parent efficiently and effectively through various strategies such as recommending adaptations to support the occupations of a parent
  • OTPs can be instrumental in advocating for individuals with Down Syndrome who have children through linking them with agencies, completing performance assessments, and testifying in legal proceedings
  • OTPs can help to create a healthy social relationship between parent and child by creating a positive therapeutic relationship between themselves and the parent

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occupational therapy, down syndrome, parenting, intellectual disability, relationships


Occupational Therapy


Presented at the New Jersey Occupational Therapy Association Annual Conference

Parenting with Down Syndrome: The Role Occupational Therapy Plays