Jefferson Journal of Psychiatry


Objective: To establish family and peer correlates of personality traits shown to be predictive of future criminal recidivism.

Method: 137 incarcerated boys aged 13-18 (x = 16 ± 1.2), 35% black, 21% Hispanic, 43% white, and 1% other completed the Weinberger Adjustment Inventory (WAI) and a psychosocial history obtained by a social worker. Records were summarized using two raters who assigned numerical ratings to dimensions of family and peer relations.

Results: As expected, observer ratings of family and peer relationships were correlated with the personality characteristics of distress, denial and restraint as measured by the WAI.

Conclusion: Family and peer relations are associated with certain personality traits that are predictive of criminal recidivism in delinquents. This study further expands the knowledge base regarding the social and interpersonal correlates of individual traits predicting criminal recidivism.

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