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The Early Years (1942)

  • My Goal, Jefferson
  • The Interview
  • An Important Message
  • A Freshman

The Jefferson Years (1943-1945)

  • A Freshman
  • To the City
  • The Army Takes Over
  • Close Order Drill
  • What a Memory!
  • Social Life
  • A Visit Home
  • A Senior at Last

The Middle Years (1946-1948)

  • That First Day
  • Our President
  • A Cold December
  • New Beds


This memoir details the beginning of Randall M. McLaughlin's medical career. It begins in 1942 while he is a Pre-Med student at Penn State interviewing for medical school. From there it covers his time as a medical student at Jefferson, including classes, life in Philadelphia, and World War II. It ends at the beginning of his professional career, first with an internship at Cooper Hospital and later as a First Lieutenant in the Army.





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