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BE THE ED DOC – Illustrating Geriatric Readiness

An independent, right handed 81 year old who lives alone trips and falls while walking with her walker. A thorough evaluation at her local ED reveals only a nonoperative right proximal humeral fracture. Her pain is well controlled with immobilization and oral analgesics.

What is her disposition?

  • Discharge home with shoulder immobilizer and instructions to call orthopedics in the morning.
  • Admit to Telemetry Bed for “Syncope” with orthopedics and cardiology consultations, with subsequent SubAcute Rehabilitation stay.
  • Admit to Observation Status for “Ambulatory Dysfunction”.
  • Discharge home with her daughter, who lives locally, with home care (aids, nursing, PT/OT) and an appointment to see orthopedics in two days.
  • Any of the above, depending on the ED providers and process, and the availability of inpatient and outpatient resources at the time she presents.

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The Pennsylvania Emergency Department Geriatric Readiness Project, Thomas Jefferson University, Family and Community Medicine, Jefferson College of Population Health, Division of Geriatric Medicine


Family Medicine | Public Health


Poster presented at: 2016 American Geriatric Society in Long Beach, California.

The Pennsylvania Emergency Department Geriatric Readiness Project