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The purpose of the Student Hotspotting initiative is to identify these individuals, understand their barriers and intervene by:

  • Connecting them with community resources
  • Improving coordination and communication between both providers and the patient
  • Empowering these individuals to better manage their health

Our patient (DW) lives in a close-knit, 4-generation household that just welcomed their newest member: a black-and-white kitten

DW is a 61 year-old female who recently received orthotopic heart transplant. Her comorbidities include sleep apnea, GERD, OA, chronic pain syndrome, COPD and a history of a CVA

We identified 3 main barriers to address with DW

  • Transportation difficulties
  • Management of her complex medication regimen
  • Maintaining a heart healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise

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JCIPE, interprofessional care, collaborative health, student hotspotting


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Presented at the 2019 JCIPE Hotspotting Wrap-Up

Patient and Student Experience on an Interprofessional Hotspotting Team