Article Title

Inside Out, Spring 2013




Imp of the Perverse, Evan J. Slagle

Mom, Ethan Sellers

Curves of the Albatross, Christina Nguyen

Colors, Sarah Drejet

Rajasthan, India, Nishi Dedania

Heights that I Remember, Daniel Gealy

Girl in Transit, Michela Mickler

Chemo, Emily Fay

Energy, Dierdre Axell-House

African Dreaming, Michela Mickler

Flight, Michela Mickler Rittenhouse

Reflections, Kami L. McManus

Lovers in Washington Square, Wendy Diao

No Agenda, Laura Steel

I’ve Come to Know Sepia, Ethan Sellers

Re-imagine-d, Jonathan Elias

Glee, Rebecca Julian

A Creature Void of Form, Daniel Gealy

The Column, Emily Fay

Bold, Bald, Black & White, Dierdre Axell-House

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia Nicholas Bishop

San Discern, James G. Smith

The Next Step, Jessi Hadwin and Reid Phillips

Stick Bug, Vanessa Mazandi

Train Graveyard, Boliva Nicholas Bishop

Baby Alligator, Yuhang Zhou

Useless, Dierdre Axell-House

Lunch Break on the Colossi, Christina Nguyen

Cairo from Giza, Christina Nguyen

Shelter, Nona Lu

We’re Getting there, Jonathan Yadlosky

Laguna Colorada, Bolivia, Nicholas Bishop

Lost Tiger, Nishi Dedania

Holy Rupe, Alex Moxam

The Road, Michael Barbato

Screen, Christina Nguyen, Front Cover

Two Bodies, Alex Moxam, Inside Front Cover

Rise above the Fear-lines, Evan J. Slagle, Inside Back Cover

Gift to Baser Life, Daniel Gealy, Back Cover

Editors-in-Chief Dierdre Axell-House, Emily Fay

Editors Michael Barbato, Mike Fascelli, Daniel Gealy, Eve Holwel,l Eva Qinyi Jiang, Caity Logan, Nona Lu, Yuting Mao, Anthony Ricco, Zachary Schoepflin, Ethan Sellers, Reneé Travis, Alissa Werzen, Jonathan Yadlosky

Faculty Moderator Dr. Michael J. Vergare

The Jefferson Arts organization was founded primarily to offer Jefferson students the opportunity to express themselves through art. The Jefferson Arts Organization focuses on such media as art and photography, writing, and music and supports diverse activities including live readings, art exhibits and musical performances. In addition, the organization publishes Inside Out, an annual art and literary journal which showcases photography, paintings, sketches, short stories, poems and essays contributed by Jefferson students. All of these activities are designed to bring more diversity to the Jefferson community; to allow students, faculty and staff the chance to stop and reflect on their daily lives; and to provide a creative outlet from the rigors of school and work.