Article Title

Inside Out, Spring 2012




Limbless, Desmond Wilson, Cover

The Daily Grind, Dave Miller, Inside Cover

The Sea Conqueror, Jonathan Elias, 5

Fear, Yuliya Baratt, 5

Dreamer Mosaic, Huong Le, 6

The Colored White Desert of Egypt, MIranda Law, 6

The Hands of My First Autopsy, Nathan Fried, 7

Esperar, Neil Flannery Haidorfer, 8

Retrograde Frequency, Evan Slagle, 9

Childhood, Yuliya Baratt, 9

Flying South for the Winter, Nishi Dedania, 10

Barn in Winter, Michael Minckler, 10

Mountain Goat, Alissa Herman, 11

Tree Burr, Nate Jordan, 11

Wake, Andrea Frankenburger, 12

Mt. Rainier Viewed from Seattle, WA, Michael Minckler, 12

Sisterhood, Sharon Li, 13

The Wistful Writer, Sucharitha Balasubramaniam, 13

Trash Dump House, Desmond Wilson, 14

One Man's Trash, Once City's Treasure, Christine Chen, 14

Your Eyes, Yuliya Baratt, 15

Glacial Runoff, Alissa Herman, 15

Not in our Stars, but in Ourselves, Daniel Gealy, 16

The River, Kate Madara, 16

Endless Stockholm Night, Rob Stewart, 17

Vertical LInes, Huong Le, 17

The Pursuit of Humanity, Kelly A. Lopez Cintron, 18

Glacial Hush, Evan Slagle, 19

Poppy, Christina Nguyen, 19

Sheds, Desmond Wilson, 20

The Ending, Robin Fry, RN, 20

Autumn Night, Christine Chen, 21

Buoyancy, Adriann Bautista, 21

India Trip, Subhasree Basu, 22

Seven Apostles, Maelen Ignacio, 22

Se Va, Molly Pringle, 23

What I Have Learned to Be True, Angelica Manzur, 23

Visit my Worlds, Lisa Liu, 24

Only in the Trees, Jason Stankiewicz, 24

Ethics as a Pharmacist, Jeffrey Meeks, 25

Centro de Salud, Jacob Ruiter Ligeti, 26

Holocaust Memorial, Nishi Dedania, 26

Living in the Moment, Anastasiia Rukavyshnykova, 27

Newcastle Coastline, Christie Tanner, 27

Pennies in the Dustbowl of Life, Sucharitha Balasubramaniam, 28

Ode to Over, Adriann Bautista, 28

Trapped-Reflections of Finding LIght, Jordan Smoker, 29

Rise above the Fear-lines, Evan Slagle 29

17 years, 6 months, and 16 days, Desmond Wilson, 30

Mom and Joey, Christie Tanner, 31

Sunset on the Seas, Jonathan Elias, 31

If it be not to come, it will be now, Daniel Gealy, 32

Philadelphia Sunset, Christine Chen, 32

Water that Swells, Kate Madara, 33

Pelicans in Flight, Nate Jordan, 33

White and Blue, Miranda Law, 34

Disconnected, Sucharitha Balasubramaniam, 34

CRNA, Rhea Wilson, 35

Whitsunday Sunset, Maelen Ignacio, 36

Stump on Rattlesnake Lake, Michael Minckler, 36

All that I Can Give to You, Daniel Gealy, 37

Untitled, Sharon Li, 37

A Game of Hide and Seek, Sucharitha Balasubramaniam, 38

Aloe, Nate Jordan, 39

Winter Months, Nishi Dedania, 39

Nervous Giggles, Angela Wong, 40

Unswept Stone, Daniel Gealy, 40

New Zealand Countryside, Christie Tanner, 41

Molecules You'll Never Forget, Kate Madara, 41

Autumn Ginkos, Evan Slagle, 42

Kelly Lights, Dave Miller, 42

Infinite, Christina Nguyen, 43

The Perfect Escape, Sharon Li, 43

Apollo, Maelen Ignacio, 44

Paradise, Jonathan Elias, 44

Regaining Equilibrium, Adriann Bautista, 45

Son, Adriann Bautistia, 45

Black-Eyed Susan, Alissa Herman, 46

Reflection, Sharon Li, 46

Milford Sound, Maelen Ignacio, 47

Butterfly on a Fire Hydrant, Michael Minckler, 47

Cairo Tea, Christina Nguyen, 48

Fruit Stand in the Italian Market, Christine Chen, 48

Revolutionized Beauty, Miranda Law, 49

Many Glacier Lake, Alissa Herman, 49

Bike Safety, Huong Le, 50

Free Energy, Emily Fay, Back Cover

The Jefferson Arts organization was founded primarily to offer Jefferson students the opporunity to express themselves through art. The Jefferson Arts organization focuses on such media as art & photography, writing, and music, and supports diverse activities including live readings, art exhibits and musical performances. In addition, the organization publishes Inside Out, an annual art and literary journal which showcases photography, paintings and sketches, short stories, poems and essays contributed by Jefferson students. All of these activities are designed to bring more diversity to the Jefferson community; to allow students, faculty and staff the chance to stop and reflect on their daily lives; and to provide a creative outlet from the rigors of school and work.