Article Title

Inside Out 2022



The Tree – Life and Death, Katelyn Tyrell, Cover

Home Sweet Home, Michele Ly, Inside Cover

Motherland, Editors’ Page, Zaynab Sajjadi

Holiday Tart, Tiffany Buturla, This Page

File Corrupt ,Michael O’Connor, Contents p. 2

Last Day of Work, Grace Carita, Contents p. 3

In a Car on a Road Going to a Place, Dylan Schroede, Contents p. 5

Up, Clarissa Whiting, Back Cover

Fatima, Zaynab Sajjadi 1

Peaceful Longing Joy Zhao 1

Warm Expression, Roselind Ni, 1

Fluttering, Benjamin Fleet, 2

Tentatively & Confidence, Yasmine Sultan Raheem, 2

Isolation, Sophia Block, 2

Color Vision, Roselind Ni, 3

Adderall, Shawn (Joseph) Collier, 4

Не разбивай моего, Elisabeth Inns, 5

C каждым вдохом, который могу, Elisabeth Inns, 5

Максимальная нагрузка, Elisabeth Inns, 5

Alternative Medicin,e Zachary Davis, 6

Perspective, Stephanie Beldick, 7

Gold Zachary, Urdang, 8

Tranquility, Katie Duquette, 8

Healing with Congee, Nancy Dinh, 9

Mom’s Garden, Marzia Maliha, 10

Queens, Michelle Ly, 11

A Leaf Falls by the River, Steven Bieser, 12

Hidden, Makala Wang, 12

Valley of Fire, Simran Rahi, 13

The N95 Landscape, Skye Rice, 13

Somewhere in America, Dylan Schroeder, 14

Young Family at Sunset, Matt Sears, 14

Suburbs, Connor Crutchfield, 15

Gratitude, Janita Matoke, 15

Hidden Underpass, Jacky Reny, 16

Mi Jardin 3.0, Janita Matoke, 17

The Sunflower Field, Ranju Kunwor, 17

For Christie, Grace Carita, 18

The Vase, Ranju Kunwor, 19

The Fall, Elpidio Sandig, 19

Healy Hall, Connor Crutchfield, 20

Serene, Dylan Schroeder, 21

Catch of the Day, Makala Wang, 21

Jordan Lake Summer of ’15, Emily Ashton, 22

Winter Canyon, Zachary Davis, 23

Recycled, Mayanijesu Olorife, 25

Sing for Me, Skye Rice, 26

Parallel Paths in the Storm, Matt Sears, 27

Nature’s Tears, Tessa Laney, 29

Grieving, Gregory Whitehorn, 30

The Abolition of Spring by Covid-19, Elpidio Sandig, 31

Isolated, Benjamin Fleet, 32

Sister, Clarissa Whiting, 33

Portrait of a Lost Mind, Lena DiFulvio, 34

The Astronaut in the Sea, Nancy Dinh, 35

le Coup do Foudre, Connor Crutchfiled, 36

Deus Ex Machina, Emily Ashton, 37

Necktie, Michael O’Connor, 38

The Feeling of Air Slipping over My Skin, Steven Bieser, 39

Mirror, Simran Rahi, 39

Easter, Michael O’Connor, 41

Orange, Jasmine Wang, 42

Still Life- Apples, Michael O’Connor, 42

Blue, Jasmine Wang, 42

Bruce, Gloria Pereira, 43

Judgement, Briana Dragone, 45

The Galaxy Erupts over Mauna Loa, Matt Sears, 45

Avoidance, Zaynab Sajjadi, 46

Aeidein of Ambien, John Waters, 46

Double Vision, Simran Rahi, 47

Chamomile screenplay, an excerpt – 2020, Nava Barman, 47

Gaia’s Sculptures, Dylan Schroeder, 48

Sterile, Gloria Pereira, 49

Mystery, Briana Dragone, 50

The AIDS Epidemic, Benjamin Fleet, 51

Fading in My Hospice, Nava Barman, 52

Porcine Impression, Connor Crutchfield, 53

The Spider Ball, Skye Rice, 54

Upstream/Downstream, Roselind Ni 55

Uglow Master Copy – An Exercise in Grief, Michelle Ly, 56

A Quiet Road, Sophia Lam, 57

Distancing, Emily Ashton, 58

I’m in the City, Janita Matoke, 59

Warm Snow, Jacky Reny, 61

Intensive Care, Mary Metkus, 62

On the Road Again, Simran Rahi, 65