Volume 11 (2021)

This past year has been unprecedented, unimaginable, and in some ways incomprehensible. Many of us are changed forever. It is important to acknowledge what we have been through and find a way to keep moving forward. For the Inside Out community, the arts have been a place where people go to process change, mourn loss, and express emotion; a place to commemorate times that would otherwise pass by without note; a place to marvel at the beauty in the complex and the mundane. Year after year, the Jefferson community continues to share their vulnerability and artistry within these pages. In this magazine, our contributors will walk you through their lives - sharing moments that captivated them, reflecting on moments that challenged them, and exploring everything in between.

We are excited to introduce Inside Out 2021! We want to thank our contributors deeply. We are humbled by the humanity and courage of our community. We hope that you will enjoy listening to their voices and witnessing their visions, and we hope that you receive a little more connectivity in your life.


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